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Winterize Your Fleet!

Winterizing your car or truck is an integral service for ensuring long life for your vehicle, as well as avoiding unnecessary heartache as temperatures plummet.

Proper winterization is one of many services offered by VMS and you can be assured that the job will be done quickly with reliability being our focus.

Winterizing Your Car or Truck with VMS

Services for winterizing your gasoline powered or diesel fueled engine can overlap, meaning that many of the services are the same, such as lubrication, belts, hoses, coolant, tires and wiper blade checks or replacement.

Diesel engines however, require a bit more attention to issues such as the right fuel or fuel additives for extreme cold, draining the water separator and filter replacement and making sure the battery is powerful enough for cold weather starts. 

There are other issues to be addressed in properly winterizing your vehicle or fleet, and the experts at VMS would be happy to point them out in order to assure you that your car or truck is ready for the cold. 

VMS is here to handle all of your winterizing challenges in Charleston WV with a minimum of driver/vehicle downtime in a convenient location. Let VMS treat your fleet!

You need Wiper Blades!

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Come in today and get premium weather proof wiper blades. 

You need Snow Tires!!

Snow Tires VMS Charleston WV

Don't get stuck in the cold! Ask us about the right snow tire for your job.



Replace those Fluids!

Winterize fleet vehicles VMS Charleston WV

Minimize downtime by having the right fluids for your vehicle replaced.