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Let us treat your fleet!

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VMS - Vehicle Maintenance Services 

4236 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston WV 25309


The Shop Rag

The V​MS mechanic's blog 

(of sometimes useful and often useless information)

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Don't Try This at Home

December 16, 2020


This is a video from YouTube and was not produced or condoned by VMS professionals. 

 Seriously now, don't try this at home if you happen to obtain one of these high-pressure bead blasters. There have been documented injuries and at least one fatality from misuse of these units.

In this case however, nobody was harmed except for a few busted guts from laughter! 

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Side by Side Maintenance and Repair in South Charleston, WV

December 9, 2020

side by side repair south charleston wv, utv repair south charleston wv

Side by Side and UTV Repair at VMS

Side by Side or UTV maintenance is yet another service provided by VMS

Utility companies, engineering firms and any other operations that conduct business "in the field" will appreciate having a maintenance facility that's conveniently located and staffed with knowledgeable mechanics.


We're located behind Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston on Kanawha Turnpike in close proximity to Jefferson Road and the Hatfield and McCoy trail system (for the recreational side by side or UTV enthusiasts.)


Call us at (304) 768-6200 or stop by our shop for more info. (See map) 

mechanic near me 25309, best mechanic 25309

Auto Repair Prank

 October 19, 2020