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Visit VMS for RV Repair in the Charleston WV Area

Motorhome maintenance by ASE certified technicians

VMS specializes in keeping your motorhome roadworthy.

  • We'll handle all the mechanical maintenance and repair while you can sit back and focus on the creature comforts inside.
  • We are also a licensed state inspection provider and have a number of satisfied RV owner/clients.
  • Some of our preferred RV repair services are listed below, but are not limited to this list.

Just call us if you have any mechanical issues not listed and we'd be glad to discuss a plan of action.

rv repair charleston wv, motorhome repair charleston wv

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RV brakes are quite resilient and can last a long time. There are times however when they'll need replaced, sometimes sooner than normal due to driving habits, and amount of load being carried or towed. 

State inspections for RVs will reveal the wear on your brakes and let you know if brake service is needed.

 Visit VMS when your RV inspection comes due and trust us to provide you with premium brake service when replacement is necessary.


The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) recommends that tires that are 6 years old and older should be replaced, since the rubber and protective compounds deteriorate with time.

 VMS technicians can verify the age of the tire just by looking at the codes printed on the sidewall and can recommend the right RV tires to ensure your safe travels. 


Tie rods, ball joints, shock absorbers and springs are the "knees" of your RV, and like our own knees, they can wear out over time. Fortunately, replacing these parts on an RV is much easier than surgery for a ailing knee. 

Inspection of these parts is also included in your yearly state safety inspection. 

Trust VMS to inspect these components and to recommend and make any repairs necessary to them in order to ensure your family's safety on the road. 

Oil Change

Lack of proper lubrication is your RV engine's worst enemy. Always check your oil levels before a trip.

If it's been more than 3000 miles since your last RV oil change, call VMS or stop by our repair shop. In fact, we can often get you in our multi-bay facility the day of your trip, before you leave. 

Air Conditioning

If your RV air conditioning isn't cooling properly, don't panic. It can be something as simple as a leaky hose. Visit VMS if your motorhome air conditioning system just isn't comfy enough to call "home" anymore. We can check your RV a/c system and make the necessary repairs to keep you cool.

Cooling System

A worn radiator hose can really get your trip off to a bad start. You don't want a hose rupture to happen on the road for sure.

An RV flush n fill with VMS will allow us to examine your RV cooling system from filler tube to petcock (drain-valve) and everything in between.

What our customers are saying

We use VMS for our delivery vehicles all the time. The service is great and the location saves us a lot of time.

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