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VMS - Vehicle Maintenance Services 

4236 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston WV 25309


Catalytic Converter Anti Theft 

Sales and installation of anti theft devices for catalytic converters in South Charleston WV

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Catalytic Converter Theft in West Virginia

Your vehicle's catalytic converter is more than an ingenious device to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. It's a source of revenue for opportunistic thieves looking to score a quick buck from the scrap value of the precious metals it contains. 

There is a wealth of information and first-hand accounts of catalytic converter theft online and nationwide:

"Police in St. Louis, Missouri, reported 50 catalytic converter thefts in 2019, and 420 in 2020. Wichita, Kansas police reported 102 cases just last month – nearly a year’s worth of thefts just a few years ago."

Sean Tucker - Kelly Blue Book

Catalytic Converter Theft Deterrent 

There are a number of ways to prevent or lessen the chances of your vehicle's catalytic converter being stolen, such as parking in well lit areas, or deflating the tires of a vehicle to reduce the ability of a would be thief to gain easy access to the vehicle's undercarriage, but those methods aren't always possible or practical. 

That's why we recommend installing a catalytic converter lock or catalytic converter guard.

Catalytic Converter Lock Installation in South Charleston WV

VMS provides sales and installation of catalytic converter locks which will greatly reduce the chances of your vehicle's catalytic converter from being stolen, at prices much less than the replacement cost. 

A catalytic converter lock forms a protective "cage" around your vehicle's catalytic converter, making theft of the device an unattractive option to would-be thieves. VMS sells and services these devices for your own personal transportation or your expanding business truck fleet.

4236 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston WV 25309

Stop by our shop or call us at (304) 768-6200 for details.