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Let us treat your fleet!

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VMS - Vehicle Maintenance Services 

4236 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston WV 25309


Brake Repair  in South Charleston WV

For all sizes of vehicles



At VMS, we want our Charleston area customers to feel comfortable and safe in their vehicle. You can trust our experts to perform your necessary repairs and services, but feel free to ask any questions about why a particular service is necessary or what might have caused it to require our attention. Call us at (304) 768-6200, and we will be glad to speak with you. Here is a rundown on common brake issues and repair or maintenance services VMS offers.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) ensure that the wheels don't "lock up" during a sudden stop, thus not allowing the car to skid and offering more control. If your dashboard ABS indicator light comes on, come see us at VMS where we will be glad to diagnose and repair the issue(s).

Brake Fluid Service

Brake fluid will condensate, meaning that water from the air can mix with your brake fluid over time, causing your brake system to become less efficient and the fluid can become corrosive, resulting in possible damage to the brake system. Flushing fluid regularly ensures that your vehicle is using fresh brake fluid, eliminating problems with corrosion. Have a chat with our technicians at VMS about when it's time to replace your brake fluid.

Brake Lines

A brake line is a tube which carries pressurized fluid from your master cylinder to your brakes. A crushed line or a "pinch" can interrupt fluid travel and reduce efficiency of your brakes, and a leak in the line can cause brake system failure. Brake lines don't need to be replaced often, but need to be changed at the first sign of damage or corrosion.

Brake Pads & Brake Shoes

Brake pad issues can often be identified by "squealy" brakes. If your pads are completely worn, you'll hear a grinding metal to metal sound when applying your brakes, which means your rotors or drums are being damaged. Do-it-yourself mechanics might be able to fix these issues at home, but you can trust VMS professionals to repair these issues if you have brake problems and don't want to tackle the job yourself.

Brake Caliper Service

Brake calipers house your pads and fit around your brake rotors like a clamp, squeezing and releasing the brake pads against the rotor when braking. A caliper malfunction could cause your vehicle to brake unevenly, which would make your car slide forward during braking. Caliper issues can also cause your vehicle to slide sideways in bad weather, so it's best to contact a professional if uneven braking occurs.

Resurfacing or Turning Rotors

If your vehicle has disc brakes, which most modern vehicles do, your wheels will have rotors attached to them. Rotors are what the pads grip when braking in order to slow your vehicle down. When pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the pads squeeze the rotor to stop it from spinning. Over time, the friction created from this process causes wear to both the pads and rotors, and grooves or cracks can appear in the rotors. If the rotor is not too badly worn, resurfacing the rotor brings the rotor back to a functional condition albeit a bit thinner, which if too thin can reduce heat dissipation. A thorough inspection of your rotors by VMS technicians will give you the information needed to decide the best plan of action.


4236 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston WV 25309

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