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Let us treat your fleet!

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VMS - Vehicle Maintenance Services 

4236 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston WV 25309


Additional Vehicle Services

All types of vehicles



Additional services cover maintenance issues that keep your vehicle running efficiently and safe. Call us at 304-768-6200 or stop by for these additional auto services performed by the pros.

These additional services include:

Tune and Inspect

Operating at peak performance improves fuel economy and efficiency. VMS can inspect the following to ensure efficiency and safety:

Air filter inspection and replacement

Oil change with the recommended grade of oil

Fuel filter inspection or replacement

Tire pressure check to specs

Intake system inspection and cleaning

Emissions and oxygen sensor inspection or replacement

Brake inspection/adjustment

Power steering system inspection/maintenance

Front suspension alignment

Fuel injectors - clean or replace

Spark plugs and plug wires - inspect or replace if necessary

Exhaust and catalytic converter inspection

Exhaust gas system inspection

Nuts, Bolts, Seals, Studs, Hubs

A wheel hub assembly is located between the brake drums or discs and the drive axle. A wheel is bolted on to it.  The axle hub spins along with the wheels bolted to it and provide the power to the wheels in order to rotate.

A roller bearing between the axle hub and axle shaft ensures easy rotation of the non-drive wheels. If your vehicle has warped or worn out wheel hubs, safety and a smooth ride is compromised. VMS can diagnose worn wheel hubs and replace them when necessary.  

Seals provide protection for components that need constant lubrication. Malfunctioning or worn seals can let grease escape, leading to failure of its assigned part that the seal is designed to protect. Replacement of seals is generally less expensive than replacing the part. VMS can inspect and replace seals if necessary. Call us or visit VMS today and we'd be happy to evaluate these parts for you.

Studs are what holds your wheels on your vehicle. A stripped stud can be dangerous but can also be easily replaced. VMS experts can examine these parts and replace them with new ones if this ever occurs. To have this service performed by our professionals, call 304-768-6200 or visit VMS today.

A lug nut secures your vehicle's wheel to the hub. Worn lug nuts can be responsible for a wheel coming off during driving. Not a good thing, as it could cause an accident or vehicle rollover. To have our experts examine these components, contact or visit VMS in South Charleston, WV 25309 today.

Buyer's Inspections or Pre-Purchase Inspections

So you've found the "deal of a lifetime" on a used car but are a little unsure about it's reliability. It's a common concern. Don't take a chance, as this can be a costly endeavor. You don't want to take over the former owner's problems. Get a pre-purchase inspection from VMS mechanics who can evaluate any vehicle, make, and model and help you make an educated choice. Call us at 304-768-6200 to find out more about VMS pre-purchase inspections.

Pre-Trip Inspection

Pre-trip check-ups can ensure your trip is successful and does not end up a nightmare. We'll check for possible problems and hazards that would make you wish you would have stayed home. This is especially useful to our RV owner customers as RVs tend to sit for extended periods of time between trips where corrosion of metal parts and dry-rotting of tires can occur. Trust the pros at VMS to perform a safety inspection on your vehicle, ensuring you and your family a safe journey. Give us a call at 304-768-6200 or stop by our repair facility.


Your vehicle relies on bearings to make things spin. Wheel bearings permit the wheels to turn freely but can wear out over time and become dangerous if left unchecked. If a wheel bearing breaks, your car or truck will become difficult to control and hazardous. Let our experts check these components for you if it has been a while since your last safety check-up.


4236 Kanawha Turnpike, 

South Charleston WV 25309

Pre purchase inspection south charleston wv, buyers inspection south charleston wv 25309

Pre-Purchase Inspections / Buyer's Inspections at VMS


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